Edmond Place Green Roof

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 Click it to see the draftDigital Cement has drafted a rooftop design for Edmond Place that incorporates all of the input that it was recorded over the past several weeks. The team is excited by this design and look forward to making it happen. They’ve included in the design ideas and input that came out of the tenants meeting, the tenants survey, perspectives that were brought forward by the York School students, discussions with PARC staff, as well as Digital Cement’s perspective on the ideal solution for the space.

 See the draft here

Digital Cement (DC) is happy to be supporting Edmond Place and the benefits it brings to our shared community. DC is a Direct marketing agency that has had its head office here in Parkdale for more than 12 years. They’re proud residents and pleased to have the opportunity to use their minds, bodies and spirits to design and build a greener community. As a direct communications agency they think it’s important to test their critical skills in problem solving and design outside of the marketing communication world. With Edmond Place they get to exercise two of their great passions:

1) creating something from nothing; and

2) focusing locally, on our community.

They can’t wait to see the fruits of their labour!

Home Opener

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online here or contact us

Funded through the Affordable Housing Program (AHP), which is a joint Provincial & Federal initiative administered by the City of Toronto through the Affordable Housing Office.

PDA for Edmond Place

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Exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel!

Sept 22 – 29, 2010.

Public Displays of Affection for Edmond Place, an exhibition of custom furniture designed for the new housing development, Edmond Place, will be held at the Gladstone Hotel from September 22 to 29, 2010. To learn more click here.

Exhibition Schedule:
Media Preview: Thurs, Sept 23, 2010. 4-6pm
Opening Reception: Thurs, Sept 23, 2010. 6-10pm
Panel Discussion: Sat, Sept 25, 2010. 11-1pm
Curator Tours: Sat, Sept 25 & Sun, Sept 26, 2010. 1-2pm

We love to see you there

Chairs for PARC

Edmond Place Town Hall: May 17th

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The Edmond Place Town Hall is set for Monday May 17th, from 3-6pm at PARC.

See and hear presentations from the following Edmond Place Working Groups – Intake & Staffing , Peer Employment, Maintenance, Security, Nutrition and the Program Design Committee; there will also be a table and presentations from the Interior Design Committee and PDA.

Come and see drawings; hear about how to apply for the waiting list; taste some food from the nutrition group; hear about how security will be deployed; and much more.

See you then!


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HOME sign made by Public Displays of Affection

HOME sign made by Public Displays of Affection

HOME sign made by Public Displays of Affection

Home…the Oxford dictionary describes home as a noun

1. the place where one lives.

2. an institution for people needing professional care.

3. a place where something flourishes or from which it originated.

4. the finishing point in a race.

5. (in games) the place where a player is free from attack.

Edmond Place is intended to be all of the above and more because it will also be where lives are recovered and communities are built. It will be where the heart is found, and fears are lost. The place one calls home.

Edmond Place will also be home to over 50 pieces of original design furnishings brought to the project through Public Displays of Affection who have reached out to the design community as well as Sheridan’s Furniture Studio and Ryerson’s School of Interior Design. The designers are creating a variety of uniquely created pieces of furniture from PDA’s inventory list. If you’d like to see these one of a kind furnishings you can do so at the DeLeon White Gallery from June 21st to July 18th.

Update March 2010

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Boulevard Gives Back & Cheri DiNovo launch capital campaign kick-off

Boulevard Gives Back & Cheri DiNovo launch capital campaign kick-off

It’s been almost six months since the last update and for those of you haven’t been down to the Edmond Place site lately you will be surprised at the changes: the Georgian Heritage Façade has had bricks replaced, cast stone repaired, 80% of the brickwork tuck-pointed; the foundation has been completed; the structural steel that comprises the new building has risen in behind the façade; the floor joists are installed and the elevator shaft can be seen climbing up to top of the building. The project is ahead of schedule and on budget.

Six months ago we were still seeking financing. Today we have over 95% of the $6.9M required and are now chipping away towards our capital campaign goal of $500,000. Similarly, in the last update, the focus was on the many champions who were helping to build Edmond Place; champions like the Boulevard Gives Back committee who held the second event on October 15th 2009 and presented their contribution on December 8th along with Cheri DiNovo and others. The list of champions keeps growing as does the vision.

Edmond Place Update October 2009

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If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a community to build affordable housing. It has been a busy winter, spring and summer for PARC and Edmond Place. A tremendous amount of labour has been needed to keep the original building standing. From January through March, the site for Edmond Place went through a period of stabilization and consolidation that required a temporary roof. With these improvements now complete, the construction is set to move ahead.

These issues are a reminder of the necessity to provide people of Parkdale with the steadfast housing they deserve. parc would like to acknowledge that these improvements would not have been possible without the thanks and efforts of the City of Toronto’s Affordable Housing Offi ce, the Heritage Department, Councillor Gord Perks office, Construction Control, Tri-Phase and Hilditch Architect. Here are some current updates regarding the progress of Edmond Place:

Construction – After a targeted call for modified Construction Management was offered to a select number of contractors that met a list of rigorous criteria, the project was awarded to Dasd Contracting Ltd. who are well known in Toronto for their work on affordable housing projects like Edmond Place. Construction has begun!

Funding – We are almost halfway to our goal $500,000 our share of the $6.9 million required to keep and restore the Georgian heritage exterior, remove and replace the fire damaged interior and add a fourth floor. Thank-you all for the support! If you would like to help further, you can do so in a number of ways: go to our website — www.parc.on.ca; call us at (416) 537 2262 extension 244; or mail a donation to PARC — 1499 Queen Street West Toronto M6R 1A3, c/o  Edmond Place.